6 of the best wine podcasts

If you’re not a big reader, or someone particularly short on time, podcasts are a great, on-the-go way to gain more knowledge about a particular subject. Today, there’s a podcast for almost anything – including wine.

For all those wine lovers wanting to explore this topic more, here are 6 of our favourite wine

Best for those seeking the culture and context of wine…

Grape Minds

This podcast invites listeners to go behind the scenes of the wine world, exploring the stories, culture, and history of what’s in every glass. Each 20-30 minute episode interviews winemakers, talks with importers and digs into the issues and nuances of wine in the modern world while keeping things down to earth.

Best for those looking for no fuss conversation about wine…

Wine For Normal People

Do you feel people can be overly pedantic when it comes to wine? Then this podcast is for you. It’s designed for “people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it”. Each episode is 45-50 minutes each and gives listeners insight into a variety of detailed topics around wine e.g. wine- growing regions and grape varieties. You’ll also find laid-back guest interviews with industry experts.
This podcast is all about making conversation around wine accessible to everyone.

Best for celebrity lovers…

A Glass With

This podcast is hosted by Olly Smith. In this podcast you’ll find Olly sharing a glass of wine with celebrity guests while chatting about their work and personal lives, as well as their love of wine. It’s been around since 2017 and has seen guests like P!nk, Dawn French, Marco Pierre White, Alex James, Trevor McDonald and Kylie Minogue. You’ll find episodes consisting of light-hearted 30-
minute episodes.

Best for those who want to expand their wine knowledge…

Matthew’s World of Wine and Drink

If you’re new to the wine scene and looking for short bite sized episodes around 15-20 minutes each, then this podcast is for you. This one is also ideal if you’re doing a format qualification related to wine. The podcast aligns with the Wine and Spirit Education (WSET) courses. Plus the host Matthew Gaughan is a certified instructor when it comes to wine.

Best for everyone who loves wine…

Wine Blast

Run by a husband and wife duo is Wine Blast. This fast-paced podcast is great no matter your experience or knowledge with wine. You’ll find the couple discussing all things wine including travel, food, tips and wine-offs. Don’t expect to be too bogged down in wine speak or theory, but revel in its relatable, entertaining and light-hearted tone, with marital disputes over wine a given.
Topics already covered include ‘Wait, wine can be a career?’, as well as commentary on how to support the hospitality trade and country-specific wine survival guides.

Best for those looking for a good laugh…

The Three Drinkers

McGuigan Wines has announced its support of The Three Drinkers first podcast. The group already has a ‘Three Drinkers’ TV series on Amazon Prime. This light-hearted podcast has episodes of around 20-minutes each and offers listeners a behind-the-
scenes glimpse into the trio's drinking secrets, what grinds their gears and their careers as drinks experts and TV presenters.
The podcast is also holding a giveaway, over the course of 5 episodes McGuigan Wines will be giving 1 winner a 2-month supply of its wines.