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How we buy?

Our affiliation with Liv-ex gives our clients access to the worlds & largest wine trading platform.
Over £40m of stock is available to buy instantly, ranging from everyday drinking wine to old, fine and rare bottles.
With over 16,000 different products available from regions across the wine world, we can delight our clients with unparalleled choices.
For 20 years, Liv-ex continue to manage all transactions from purchase to delivery, ensuring that you receive your wine safely.

Trade With Confidence

Standardised contracts mean you know exactly what to expect when your wine is delivered. The most-used contract states that the wine is in perfect condition, in bond, and available within two weeks or otherwise known as Sealed In Bond (SIB). We execute the trade on your behalf and offer recommendations of wines we feel can benefit your portfolio.

The Biggest Open-Source Database Of Wine Information

We offer access to the world’s largest open-source database of wine information. The Liv-ex platform contains detailed product information for over 100,000 wines and spirits, such as name, colour, region, sub-region and historical price information. Each product has an LWIN, a unique identifier, which makes it easy to exchange information about wine digitally and automatically.

Price Wine Accurately

What is the market price of your stock? Liv-ex is the only source of transactional price information containing over 780 million historic pricing points. Be confident you’re buying and selling at the best price. Your online portal will also tell you the exact value of your portfolio at any given time.

Buy Wine Easily

Liv-ex has over 16,000 products listed at any one time and £40m of live offers from trusted merchants worldwide. Your portfolio manager will have years of experience of trading on the Liv-ex platform, they will guide you through your journey and ensure the buying process is as simple as possible.


Cutting-edge technology to manage your portfolio

How we store?

All our client’s wine is stored with Liv-ex at London City Bond (LCB).LCB is the perfect storage facility for investors and collectors to house their wines. Liv-ex has a team that is highly skilled and experienced in every aspect of fine wine including delivery, handling, storage, and distribution. Your wines will have comprehensive insurance coverage and every quarter we host meetings with our clients for an opportunity to view their fine wine collection.

Benefits of storing your wine in bond

Preserves condition & value of asset

Fully Insured

Perfect wine maturing conditions

Free from Duty & VAT

24/7 maximum security

How we sell?

We sell quickly and easily by offering your wine to the world’s largest pool of professional wine buyers – and their customers. Liv-ex stands behind every trade and manages transactions, so you don’t need to worry about unreliable buyers and complicated supply chains.

We also have an extensive base of clients and other merchants who will be well-positioned to take advantage of any wine that is up for sale. By recommending wines which have an extremely high demand and having various routes to sell, we can demand the highest possible price on behalf of our clients to maximise the overall return on investment. The process of selling is usually concluded within 4 weeks.

Benefits of selling through Vintage Associates

The Largest Pool Of Professional Buyers Worldwide

Do Business With Discretion with anonymous bids

Open 24/7/365

Simple, fast payment